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Refreshing the MS21 website: Placing supportive tools and real-world evidence at your fingertips

19 August 2022

The MS21 website is home to many valuable resources for healthcare teams, PwMS, their families and caregivers. It is regularly updated so that content is always relevant and easy to access. Some examples of MS21 resources include:

‘myMS’ tools: A unique resource for both PwMS and HCPs

The ‘myMS’ support tools, are a set of patient-driven communication tools designed to help PwMS from the point of diagnosis and beyond:

  • myMS companion: a short questionnaire that helps PwMS to identify their goals and potential barriers to achieving them.
  • myMS roadmap: a tool that explains the complex language around MS, helping to bridge the communication gap that sometimes exists between PwMS and their healthcare teams.
  • myMS priorities: a pre-appointment planner that sets out appointment priorities for both PwMS and their healthcare team.
  • myMS commitments: a set of agreements between PwMS and HCPs that outline responsibilities of care, empowering PwMS to take control of their MS journey.

Podcasts, MS21 news and research can be accessed with ease

The website will be continuously updated to provide users with the latest developments from MS21, including upcoming podcast releases, events and relevant MS news.

Previous podcasts on hot topics in MS and key patient narratives can be accessed here.

Publications, some of which are co-authored by PwMS and HCPs from MS21, are available here for those wishing to delve into the evidence-based research underpinning the work of MS21.

To be part of the data and share your perspective on important topics within MS, you can take a survey and share your experience here. MS21 use the responses from these surveys to develop dedicated tools and resources and to input into their published work.

Read the biographies of each member of MS21 here to understand more about the dedicated group of PwMS and HCPs who aim to standardize MS care and empower PwMS throughout their unique MS pathway.

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