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Podcast: The impact of cognitive symptoms on patient engagement with care

Cognitive symptoms can affect many people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) in everyday life. In this podcast episode of RealTalk MS, Dr Sarah Morrow and Paola Kruger share with Jon Strum how PwMS can work together with their doctors to develop an open discussion about cognition and MS.

Dr Sarah Morrow is an Associate Professor of Neurology in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at Western University. Dr Morrow is also the founder of the first MS Cognitive Clinic in London, Ontario, Canada, and the director of the London Ontario MS Clinic.

Paola Kruger is a patient advocate who was diagnosed with MS in 2010. Since her diagnosis, Paola has worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Center in Rome, Italy, focusing on projects related to patient engagement while also developing new clinician/patient approaches to managing MS.

Want to read more on the impact of cognitive symptoms on people with MS? Then check out our 2023 publication titled ‘Cognitive Impairment in MS: What is its true impact on the daily lives of people living with MS?’ on our publications page.

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