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Eva Kubala Havrdová

Professor Kubala Havrdová is a Professor of Neurology at the First Faculty of Medicine, General University Hospital, and the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She obtained her medical degree at the same university in 1981 and is now the Director of the Center for Demyelinating Diseases.

Professor Kubala Havrdová’s research interests include cytokine, immunoglobulin and T-cell research in MS, and treatment of malignant MS. She has published more than 100 publications on MS, including several books for patients.

Professor Kubala Havrdová is a member of the MS International Foundation’s (MSIF) International Medical and Scientific Board, and a member of the Czech Neurological Society Committee. She helped to develop guidance on the standards of diagnostics and treatment of MS in the Czech Republic, enabling patients to access disease-modifying therapies, and helped establish a network of MS centers across the country.

Eva Kubala Havrdová
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