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Podcast: Are We Nearly There Yet? Achieving Freedom from Disease

During this podcast, Professor Peter Rieckmann, Stanca Potra and Maria Paz Giambastiani talk to Jon Strum about the history and medical advances of MS and how close we are to achieving freedom from disease.

Professor Rieckmann is the Chief Physician of Neurology and Clinical Neuroplasticity at the Medical Park Loipl, Germany. Professor Rieckmann has also served as the Chair of the MS in the 21st Century initiative since its inception in 2011.

Maria Paz Giambastiani has been living with MS since 2005. She has authored several books and publications on MS. As well as writing, she has been blogger, lecturer and radio host.

Stanca Potra is the founder of the SMile Centre, a support and counseling center for people living with MS in Romania. Stanca has been living with MS since 2013.

The episode covers the evolution of disease modifying therapies over the past 30 years, how medications today address MS needs and what future therapies need to be aiming for, for people living with MS.

Professor Rieckmann also covers this topic in an article in the MS21 updates section of the website. You can check out the article here.

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